Flat Decks for Trucks

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Our steel truck decks are custom built and equipped with stake pockets, rub rails, recessed lighting, wood decking, and a tapered headache rack. We offer a wide variety of body configurations, cargo management options, and trailer towing packages.

C-channel frame, cross members, and long sills are standard construction. All steel flat decks are sandblasted and painted with Endura epoxy paint. Our experienced team is ready to provide a tailored solution for your specific needs.

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Steel Truck Decks
Standard Steel Truck Decks with Rocket Launchers
Flat Deck with Liftgate
Flat Deck with Racks and Toolboxes
Green Flat Deck with Work Lights
Flat Deck with Work Lights
Flat Deck with Steps and Handle
Red Flat Deck with Top Mount Toolboxes
Premium Flat Deck with Headache Rack Upgrades
Flat Deck with Pipe Racks
Premium Flat Deck with Light and Headache Rack Upgrades
Flat Deck with Rear Skirt Upgrades and 5th Wheel

What is Cab-to-Axle (CA) dimension?

This is the distance from the back of the cab to the centerline of the rear axle, this dimension helps determine the length of body that can be mounted on the chassis. We will require CA dimension for your quote request.

Truck Chassis


9' 5"96"78"60"
11' 5"96"78"84"
13' 5"96"78"108"
14' 5"96"78"120"

Features and Benefits

Tapered Headache Rack
Wood Floor (Spruce)
Rub Rails & Stake Pockets
Rear Skirt
Recessed Lighting
RV / Trailer Socket
Painted (Black Epoxy Paint)
Mud Flaps
2 5/16" Ball Fold Down Hitch
Binkley 5th Wheel
Rear Receiver
Break Control
Hoist / Electric Pump
Back-up Alarm
Fire Extinguisher
Buggy Whip
Steel Mesh Headache Rack
LED Headache Rack Lights
Wood Floor (Pressure Treated)
Checker Steel Floor
Side & Tailgate Fold Down
Skirted Body
ICC Bumper
LED Lighting Upgrade
Steps & Handle
Underbody Toolbox
Top Mount Toolbox
Winch Track
Cargo Winches
Chain Hanger
Pipe Racks
Rocket Launchers
Tire Carrier